Keep your TRUEs lookin' fresh with our hand selected range of shoe care products from Sneaker Laundry and Sneaker Lab.  

  • Sneaker Laundry Tuff Scuff

    Sneaker Laundry Tuff Scuff


    Got scuffed TRUES? Tuff Scuff is a revolutionary sneaker scuff eraser that removes shoe scuffs, grime and tough dirt from rubber, leather or plastic materials. Say goodbye to grubby, scuffed midsoles. The Tuff Scuff will gently and easily remove...

  • Sneaker Laundry Organic Waterless Cleaning Kit

    Sneaker Laundry Organic Waterless Cleaning Kit


    After a hard day on the links, freshen up your TRUEs with the Sneaker Laundry Organic Waterless Cleaning Kit. 1 x Waterless Foam Cleaner 5.7 oz, 161ml1 x Medium-Stiff Plastic Bristle Brush The waterless foam cleaner is a self-foaming solution...

  • TRUE Forever Cushion PU Insole

    TRUE linkswear

    TRUE Forever Cushion PU Insole


    Rejuvenate your TRUEs with our plush, micro-sueded and forever PU cushioned insole. This PU version of the TRUE insole is more responsive and bouncy for extra all day comfort, so you can #EnjoyTheWalk. This insole is featured standard in out...

  • Sneaker Laundry Stain Remover

    Sneaker Laundry Stain Remover


    Introducing the WORLD-FIRST Sneaker Stain Remover! Got stains on your TRUEs that won't budge? This stain remover is perfect for tough everyday stains and simply works awesome! Use it as a pre-treatment for tough stains before using our sneaker...

  • Sneaker Lab Sneaker Protector

    Sneaker Lab

    Sneaker Lab Sneaker Protector


    Sneaker Lab Sneaker Protector is a water-based solution that is absorbed into the fibers of the fabric to form a lasting invisible barrier against dirt. The solution protects your sneakers at a molecular level to repel stains. Product...

  • Sneaker Laundry Sneaker Protector

    Sneaker Laundry Sneaker Protector


    Keep your TRUEs looking better for longer with this water and stain repellent spray. For use on all suede, leather, nubuck and fabrics Treated surfaces will repel most liquids and help protect your TRUEs from stains! Please follow the...