We're putting together a range of merch and complementary accessories to help you look good and look after your gear. After all - look good, feel good, play better. 

  • Sneaker Lab

    Sneaker Lab Basic Kit


    Accelerate the breakdown of dirt with our essential Sneaker Cleaner and Premium Hard Wood Brush, packaged together in a re-sealable travel pouch. Sneaker Lab Basic Kit Includes: Sneaker cleaner: An environmentally friendly, biodegradable...

  • Sneaker Lab

    Sneaker Lab Leather Care


    Sneaker Lab Leather Care is a water-based solution that combines nutrients and sealants to both protect and nourish your leather sneakers, while creating a water-resistant seal. Product Features Contains a protective UV formula to protect...

  • Sneaker Lab

    Sneaker Lab Sneaker Protector


    Sneaker Lab Sneaker Protector is a water-based solution that is absorbed into the fibers of the fabric to form a lasting invisible barrier against dirt. The solution protects your sneakers at a molecular level to repel stains. Product Features ...

  • TRUE linkswear

    TRUE 'Walking Golfer' Snapback


    The TRUE 'Walking Golfer' snapback pays homage to all of those wayfaring golfers who simply #EnjoyTheWalk. Those who appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Who wander the fairways with purpose, in pursuit of par and the camaraderie it breeds,...