TRUE shoe care

We want you to enjoy the walk, for as long as possible, so here are some tips on how to care for your TRUEs. We use and recommend Sneaker Laundry products to keep your shoes in tip top condition.


  • After the round, wipe ‘em down to remove any impediments and chemicals you may have accumulated during play.
  • Let them air dry indoors; removing the insoles isn’t a bad idea either. For a refreshing smell, inserting a fabric softener sheet overnight does wonders.
  • To maintain the high-quality leather, apply a small amount of leather conditioner to ensure maximum softness and flexibility. Once that leather cracks, there’s no going back.
  • Repeat after each round and #EnjoyTheWalk


  • Your TRUE Knit is comprised of 90% polyester and 10% Spandex - so caring for Knits will be more similar to the care you would take with some athletic garments than a leather shoe
  • After a round, make sure you utilise the air hose you'll find at most courses to remove the debris you've collected throughout the round.
  • When thoroughly washing we recommend removing inserts, then washing with cold water and fabric safe-soap - a small amount of laundry detergent or our Sneaker Laundry Kit. Using a soft rag, sponge or gentle brush, wipe the surface of the shoe gently to remove most stains. After washing, let them air dry, re-install inserts and enjoy.
  • For removing deeper dirt and stains (only when necessary) the Knit is also washing-machine compatible*. Remove inserts, tie the laces tight (or remove) and place shoes in washing machine with like colours (towels recommended). Set machine to a gentle/short wash cycle, using only colour safe laundry detergent. After wash, let the shoes air dry, then re-install the inserts and enjoy. DO NOT use clothing dryer or you could damage the fabric/fit of your shoe.
  • For continued lifespan of your water repellency, we recommend treating the surface of the shoe with a water-repellent enhancing product such as the Sneaker Laundry Sneaker Protector

*Please note just like your favourite garments, Knits can only hold up to so many rigorous machine wash cycles - please refrain from utilising this method with great regularity. We do not anticipate any issues, but as a disclaimer: washing machines, water temperatures, other contents of the wash load and detergents are all different and can cause damage to the shoe during the wash cycle. Due to all of the user's potential variables, TRUE is not liable for any potential: tears, discolouring, change in fit, loss of water repellency or general damage to the shoe that may occur while utilising a washing machine.

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